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Tips to hire a good locksmith

Now what do you do? You need to hire a locksmith and you want real value for your hard earned money. What shop do you call? Whom do you hire? Are all locksmiths pretty much the same? It can be a real dilemma, especially if you’ve had a not so good experience with a locksmith previously or if you’ve never hired one before. Relax! We can take all the stress out of this somewhat challenging job. We’ll show you what to look for in a good locksmith and why sticking to our pointers will bolster the chances of you getting a remarkable lock technician every time you need one. Of course, you don’t have to live here in Evans, GA to take our advice; use our tips to get a great locksmith in your neighborhood too!

The old ways

“Back in the day” is often used for outdated, old fashioned methods. This goes for locksmith hiring, as well. There was a time when you simply reached for those several pound yellow page books and looked for whose ad resonated with you. Did you see a smiling face on a seemingly helpful technician? Was there a first time user coupon that attracted your attention? Maybe a larger, colored ad attracted you and surely that shop was better than the single line listing with no photos or exclamation marks in the ad! Advertising is powerful and it used to work and still does. But pretty ads can be deceiving; is the best looking ad indicative of a skilled and experienced locksmith? Not by a longshot!

What we use now

Yellow page phone books have gone the way of the phone booth (and the dodo bird); extinct, or almost! Nowadays, we use smart phones to find our service vendors. You can still use your mobile device to browse through dozens of pages of locksmith ads to find one that you like but most are simply listings. It’s almost a flashback from the past; do you go with the best sounding name or closest proximity to your location? Naturally, it’s up to you whom you call and ultimately hire but here are a few things to consider before you do that.


Before you simply call a locksmith shop out of the blue and hire them, be prepared to ask a few questions. You can do this without wasting their time or yours; just be polite and get to the point. One thing you need to check is integrity. You’ll want to work with locksmiths that are licensed, bonded and insured. An unlicensed technician might tell you that you are paying extra for these credentials and you just might. A good locksmith shop will offer affordable prices AND certified status. Would you even think of going to a doctor that didn’t get his medical degree or license? Of course not! Would you buy a home from a builder with no business license or contractor’s certifications? No way! Do the same for your possible locksmith. A technician that took the time and trouble to become certified and is covered by insurance and a bond is someone serious enough to do a good job for you. Don’t be afraid to ask if the locksmith shop in question has all licenses and insurance policies in place. Reputable shops will be glad to prove to you their certifications and if they shy away from the subject or any of your other questions, avoid them like plague and call on the next one!


The adage “you get what you pay for” is not wrong. There’s a difference between making a wise buying choice and simply going cheap. Always choose the lowest cost will get you poor results, if any. On the other hand you don’t need to overpay so look for affordable rates with good results. You can find these by asking questions and getting free price quotes from different locksmiths.


While it’s true that you can’t believe everything you hear, you should also heed the warnings and accolades of others. Read online reviews when possible. Bear in mind that good reviews are worth Gold as people rarely bother to write good comments unless the job was to do the highest of expectations. Bad reviews are also telling as poorly treated customers love to get things off their chests and leaving a bad review is one way to do just that.

Take a poll

Just kidding but do ask around! Talk to you friends, family members, co-workers and neighbors about their locksmith experiences. If a technician’s name or shop keeps coming up (good or bad) take note and follow up; or not!

Quality hardware

This often overlooked point is very important. What good is a skilled locksmith if the parts and hardware he uses are cheaply made and not of the best quality? The best locksmiths use the best locks and make sure that yours works with trusted brands like Master, Schlage, Medeco, Baldwin, Kwikset, Primus, Mul-T-Lock, InstaKey, Yale, Fichet, Marlock, BiLock, Abloy and others of similar repute.

24-hour emergency service

You’ll want your locksmith shop of note to have technicians available 24/7. Locksmith problems don’t keep regular working hours and lockouts, lost keys, break-in damage and lock failure can happen at any time; even during holidays. It’s best to work with a locksmith that offers responsive, 24-hour locksmith service for help during any emergency situation that may arise at home, at your car or at your business.

Let’s review

You’ll want a fully licensed locksmith shop to work with. They should be using good reputable lock brands on your tasks and projects and not cheap imitations. Fast response times and 24-hour emergency service are another must have. Look for a locksmith that is enthusiastic, easy to work with and doesn’t shy away from answering questions. Your locksmith should come prepared and work from a fully stocked service vehicle so that multiple trips back to the shop are not necessary.